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A professional photographer and videographer Tomas Michna with many years of experience not only from the Czech Republic, but also from abroad, who can preserve emotions and memories in unique shots so that the magic of the moment never disappears.

I started taking photos in 2011, when I bought my first camera. At that time, photography was only a hobby for me, but it quickly grew into a passion, and in 2012 I set up my Facebook page, where I began to share my initial success in photography, when the hobby began to slowly change into a job. My first big paid commissions include photography in clubs and discos, especially establishing cooperation with the Retro Music Club in Zaječí, where I regularly photographed all events.

At this time, I also tried to develop more in glamor and lifestyle photography, which was accompanied by testing new features in photoshop, which was very important for the final form of photography, as taking photos for the photographer does not end, but is just beginning.

The turning point in my career came in 2015, when I focused on wedding photography, as I saw in it the greatest possibility of my realization – I enjoyed taking both photos of couples and capturing moments full of emotions, which fulfilled the wedding photography. I also expanded my services to include photo corners and began offering my services for proms or photo corners. The decision to provide photo corners was made after a longer stay in the USA, where I had several different photos and had the opportunity to see how photo corners are a popular attraction, at that time still very unknown in the Czech Republic.

Due to the fact that there was a great demand for my services, which I was no longer able to cover on my own, in 2016 I founded the Event Photo agency, which at that time offered several top photographers as well as cameramen. Thanks to the expansion of services, I started cooperating with large clients, such as Newton College (graduation photography), GUARANT International (congresses and conferences) or Tam Tam Agency (children’s events).

More than 45 weddings per year

Currently, under my own name, I offer a wide range of services not only for weddings and balls, but also for other events, thanks to which we participate in over 45 weddings and 90 balls a year. I have below me a team of top photographers and cameramen, the possibility of shooting shots from a drone, within the photo corners and photo booths the possibility of canvases or props on request or providing a DJ for your event. In addition, I am constantly expanding my portfolio to take photos abroad, when I took lifestyle photos in Kenya, the USA and the United Kingdom.

My biggest dream in the near future is to photograph more weddings abroad. I consider the photo shoot of a wedding in Florida to be my greatest success in my professional career, which also included pre-wedding photography. I was also able to photograph a wedding in Slovakia in the Tatras, which was another important step in my wedding career.

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